Welcome to A1 Events Ltd 
Here at A1 Events Ltd we intend to increase participation and enjoyment in carriage driving trials by encouraging a greater number of adults and children to compete at carriage driving trials at all levels, and to do so more frequently and increasing the satisfaction of participants and volunteers to sustain and grow carriage driving trials participation.
 A1 Events Ltd is inclusive and accessible to all ages and backgrounds, including under-represented groups. We will promote carriage driving trials and deliver programmes at club, regional and national levels.

Our outline dates for 2021 have been added here, obviously these are all subject to Covid-19 conditions at the time.
We will keep you informed as we go along. 
Over half of Driving Trials' existing 'hardcore' of regular stewards came into the sport without any prior knowledge of driving. Many of them had no previous experience of horses and were drawn in by friends and family already involved!
No driving event could exist without a huge team of helpers: 
Dressage stewards and writers
Marathon timekeepers
Obstacle stewards
Course marshals
Score collectors
Cones, arena and collecting ring stewards 
All are equally important and essential to the smooth running of a competition. Some roles require more specialist knowledge than others but this expertise is not gained overnight. 
The sport is lucky to have the benefit of some very loyal and long-standing stewards - but they are not getting any younger and it is essential that we encourage new people to join us. Anyone interested is very welcome to come to an event and find the Supporters Tent where they will be made to feel extremely welcome and their questions ably answered. 
There is a place for all levels of experience within the 'Team' at an event and help and advice is always on hand. In order to gain that essential experience you have to take the plunge in the first place!
So why not be brave and offer your services at an event? 
2021 BC Rule Change
New rule requiring larger 3kg fire extinguishers which should be placed on the near side of the vehicle in close proximity to the living area
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